RX7 Tries To Drift…Then All The Wheels Fall Off!

Not sure how exactly this happened but it’s definitely a fail! Something obviously went wrong when the wheels of this RX7 were changed because not 1, not 2, but ALL 4 wheels fall off. Seriously how does this happen? It’s common to see videos of 1 wheel falling off but all 4? It’s not everyday you see that!

The video starts off with an RX7 at a track somewhere about to do some drifting. At first the RX7 appears to be performing some pretty cool drifts but suddenly all the wheels literally just pop off! Most of the wheels then just go flying away from the car and rolling down the track! What just happened?!

This is not only embarrassing but probably caused some extensive damage to the RX7 as well. It’s gotta be frustrating to pour so much money into a track or drift car and then have something ridiculous like this happen that potentially caused expensive damage. Regardless of what happened, we’re sure the driver figured out what went wrong and made sure that never happened again!

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