Runaway Wheel Crashes Into A Pharmacy! So Weird!

There are some bizarre accidents out there. Some of the most unlikely scenarios have taken place across the world and for unexplainable reasons. This video is a perfect example of something so unexplainable and unusual happening that nobody can really explain. Maybe it just comes down to statistics, that out of so many accidents, really unusual ones have to occur, who knows but they’re still mysterious and crazy!

A video shows a runaway tire coming down the road. It veers off the road and then hits a concrete area that holds a tree on the sidewalk. This sends the wheel airborne! Then the video angle changes and this is when things gets super weird. As this wheel is bouncing in the air, it THEN immediately turns directly through a doorway of a pharmacy! The next video angle shows 3 men talking in the pharmacy, when suddenly this runaway wheel comes crashing into them! Thankfully it looks like the wheel crashed mostly into the desk instead of seriously injuring someone.

Talk about a strange accident! What are the chances that the wheel would just randomly change course to go through a doorway like that? Crazy stuff! Let us know in the comments what you think about this!