Runaway Crane! What Would You Do To Try To Stop It?

This is scary! Imagine being at a construction site working on a job and a giant 35-ton crane goes haywire. That’s exactly what happened in this video! This massive crane was just slowly rolling down a hill in front of a construction site. It seems like the plan was to use a wooden plank to help stop the crane but this obviously doesn’t work the first time. This is when things get crazy!

After the first attempt to stop this monster crane, multiple construction workers begin to try to stop it with more wooden planks but the crane just rolls right over the planks! So now we have a runaway crane situation, which is frightening because of the insane weight of this thing! Now we see the crane roll down the street and take out multiple telephone poles! So scary!

As this crane is rolling down the street uncontrollably, everyone is in a panic. The driver does his best at dodging obstacles but is still unable to stop the crane. At the end of the street is a railway bridge and the driver somehow manages to stop by jamming the crane underneath the bridge. Wow! That could’ve definitely been a lot worse. What do you think about this!?