Runaway Car On Fire

This looks like a typical car fire at first but then things get crazy! You first see what looks to be a Mercedes, completely engulfed in flames. A firetruck is nearby. You then see two firemen begin to spray the car down with water, attempting to put out the flames. This looks like a normal fire situation, when suddenly the car begins to roll forward. Maybe the brakes melted? Maybe the car didn’t have the emergency brake on? Who knows!

Then one of the firefighters attempts to reach inside the car, presumably to try to make the car stop somehow. When the firefighter realizes the car is picking up speed and the flames are too crazy, he gives up on trying to make it stop. Now you see this big fireball of a car drive down a steep hill. A huge trail of smoke follows behind. The car eventually hits a guardrail at the bottom of the hill, which then results in an even bigger flame. Wow! What a bad day for both the firefighters and the owner of this Mercedes.

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