Rugged Radios’ Baja Bug & Jeep

Rugged Radios’ Baja Bug & Jeep #44

This week on PowerNation Katie welcomes the owner of Rugged Radios Greg Cottrell. He brings with him their Baja Razor Bug and a Jeep as a platform to showoff some of their gear. Greg will talk about the advantages of his radios versus say a CB; namely range and watts. Rugged Radios has lots more of both! Think about wheeln' in the middle of a desert or in a canyon or just driving in a remote area with no cell service, Rugged Radios is all about communication and safety. Which is why you find them on firetrucks and in airports. It’s also about car to car communication whether on the road or the racetrack. Greg also took part in the XOR Adventure Ride and if you watch the episode again you’ll see Ian on one of their portable walkie talkie size units. For more visit

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