Road Race Suspension For Your Older Muscle Car and Adjust Your Ride Height on the Cheap

Let’s face it, modern technology trumps what classic cars could deliver in terms of performance. In that same breath, modern styling can’t compete with muscle cars of late. Well, now you can live in the best of both worlds by modernizing your older muscle cars with upgrades like a new suspension.

If you’re looking to lower your car without paying the price of a coilover, a set of adjustable lowering springs is right up your alley.

Road Race Suspension for Late Model Muscle Cars

KW Suspension Variant Series Suspension Kits | Summit Racing

KW Suspension places its race-winning technology in its Variant Series Suspension Kits for late-model Mustangs, Camaro’s, Challengers, and Corvettes. Most feature “inox-line” twin-turbo coilovers with fully adjustable rebound or rebound/compression settings to glue your car to the road or track. Even better, it’ll improve cornering and braking. It’s hard not to love this option.

Adjust Your Ride Height On the Cheap

ST Suspension Adjustable Lowering Springs | Summit Racing

One of the primary features of a coilover shock is your ability to adjust the ride height to your liking. Fortunately, you can enjoy adjustable ride height on your car without sacrificing your savings account for coilover shocks with a set of ST Suspension Adjustable Lowering Springs. They have a threaded sleeve for easy height adjustment while retaining the factory shocks and struts. Now, that’s what we’re talking about.

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