Research Shows People Are Forgetting How To Drive During Coronavirus Lockdown

After a survey conducted by Hyundai was released, it was discovered that one-fifth of U.K. drivers returning to the road after being at home for months during Coronavirus lockdowns, have forgotten some basic skills of driving.

According to The Sun, over a quarter of drivers have stalled their vehicles. Additionally, one in five have scraped their wheels on the curb or neglected to use their turn signal.

The survey had around 2,000 respondents who said that over the past 28 days the average driver has covered just 90 miles – with 30 percent driving 25 miles or fewer. Drivers also reported that they had forgotten things like turning on the ignition, which side their gas cap is on, and even what all the pedals do.

These are the top 10 mistakes drivers said they had made:

  • Stalled a vehicle
  • Struggled to parallel park
  • Forgot to indicate
  • Scraped wheels on curb
  • Had to think carefully about what each pedal does
  • Did not check mirrors when pulling away
  • Forgot where the filler cap was
  • Forgot to turn the ignition key
  • Did not shut the door properly
  • Did not put their seatbelt on

Have you needed a little refresher on daily tasks during lockdown? Let us know!

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