Repair Shop That Paid Employee Last Check In Pennies Being Sued By The Feds

Last year, A OK Walker Autoworks got revenge on a former employee by giving him his last paycheck in the form of only coins. And a lot of coins at that. Shop owner, Miles Walker, dumped over 90,000 pennies in the employee’s driveway.

After resigning last year, former employee, Andreas Flaten, filed a complaint against Walker with the Department of Labor saying he was never given his last paycheck. Well, Walker made sure he got his money. He dumped all $910 of it in Flaten’s driveway and placed his paystub on top.

While Walker seems to stand beside his payment choice when you look at his comments on his shop’s website, he told the New York Times that he “couldn’t recall if he dumped the pennies at Flaten’s house.”

It seems Walker opened up his own can of worms though. After making such a show over Flaten’s last paycheck, he was on the Department of Labor’s radar. How Walker paid Flaten became less of an issue when the Department of Labor brought to light that A OK Walker Autoworks also failed to pay employees for overtime work for the last few years and filed a lawsuit against Walker on Dec. 30.

It remains to be seen what the outcome is for A OK Walker Autoworks and Walker however, it’s been reported that Flaten has accepted the coin payment and was preparing to cash them in.

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