Remember The Monte Carlo That Lost Its Wheels? It’s Back!

And this time the car redeems itself. The driver won $2,000 in the big wheel shootout! For the previous story see below:

This guy had a rough weekend at the drag strip! Thanks to Charles Tyler’s video from over the weekend we see the unfortunate ending for this donk.

They were at the tree waiting to go and when they did, that’s when things went wrong. It went okay for about 100 feet and then all of a sudden, the front end of the car jerks forward and the rear end comes straight off the axle. The car continues for a few feet on the front wheels while the back wheels keep rolling down the drag strip on the back wheels. So it’s save to say that he lost that one. And his car, which looks to be a Cutlass, is out of commission for awhile.

ALthough it makes for a great video and we’re sure the crowd went wild, it always hurts to see another guys’ car go down. So we hope this guy gets the rear end back on the car and gets back to the drag strip!

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