Relax On Your Commute With The Drivable Hot Tub Spa

At first, a convertible filled with hot water may not seem like a dream, or even feasible for that matter. But YouTuber Colin Furze specializes in making the unlikely but awesome dreams come true. The “Spa Car, BMBubbleU Jacruzii or Convertapool whatever name you give this thing,” as he deems it, certainly meets that description. It’s a one of a kind car with a unique purpose.

This was no easy feat, that’s for sure. Filling a car with water and making sure it can drive without immediately leaking is a tough one. Furze’s first attempts included a few false starts, but eventually, resin came to the rescue. The results are a little sloppy, but functional and pretty interesting to watch.

Driving this thing out on the road would be a nightmare, given the fuel tanks for its inbuilt grill live in the trunk, making the prospect of a fender bender pretty dangerous. But for just cruising around an abandoned airstrip, sloshing water out with no real hazards, this is pretty cool ride.

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