RAV4 Runs Over Runaway Truck Tire Before Flipping Down The Highway

It’s a short video but a whole lot of action happens in it. This Toyota RAV4 driver had only seconds to react after a runaway truck tire came barreling at them on the highway. Unfortunately, they either didn’t see it or couldn’t react in time and ended up flying down the road.

The video was taken by a fellow driver who we assume saw the rogue tire and knew something was bound to happen sooner or later. And she was right. Deanna Smith was behind the camera and says the tire was on Interstate 80 just outside Gary, Indiana.

Instead of hitting the tire and coming to a stop or swerving to miss it, the tire actually bounced the RAV4 front axle into the air propelling the whole vehicle into the sky. It spiraled into a complete double roll and eventually landed back on its wheels but man, what a ride.

Smith said in a Facebook post that she pulled over to make sure the driver was okay and call 911. She did confirm the RAV4 driver was able to get out of the car and appeared okay.

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