The Top 10 Show Camaros

PowerNation’s Top 10 Show Camaros

By Jim Campisano

Previously we brought you our picks for the Top 10 Camaros from Chevrolet’s Heritage Tent at the sixth-gen Camaro unveiling. Now we’ve picked 10 Camaros from the show itself, and they span the entire spectrum from the first five generations. We present them in no particular order, but we think they’re all interesting.

1. Al Oppenheiser, 1968 convertible: Al has been the chief engineer of the Camaro since the fifth-gen was in development and he’s about to unveil the sixth-gen, but his other passion is this ’68 ragtop. The slim-line mirror you see in new Camaros was inspired by the stock mirror of his ’68.
2. Bob Rozek, ’67 RS: Ever seen a yellow Camaro with yellow interior? This is one and he has the documentation to prove it. It’s a 327/275-hp/Powerglide car, a pretty top-down cruiser.
3. ’76 Type LT Street Machine: This one belongs to the original owner, who ordered it with the 350 4-barrel/4-speed combo. Except for a low-rise, dual-quad intake, the engine is stock. Suddenly, it’s 1979 all over again. It even has wheelie bars out back.
4. 1978 Z/28: Another throwback to the disco ‘70s was this all-original ’78 Z/28, original except for the Western wheels, that is.
5. Carl & Theresa Lins, ’85 Berlinetta: This was the luxury model, first introduced as a second-gen, maintaining its status for the third-gen. This one still has that cool pod-mounted digital radio on the console.
6. 1972 SS396: This was the last year for the SS396 and making this one more unusual was its column-shifter Turbo 400 and lack of a center console. The owners brought it all the way from Kansas.
7. 2015 Yenko 427 Supercharged: Yes, there are still fifth-gens being made with the Yenko name on them. This one is advertised with 700 horsepower.
8. 2002 35th Anniversary Convertible: There were plenty of fourth-gens on the property, but somehow this one stood out from the pack. A perfectly original example, unmolested fourth-gens are getting harder and harder to come by.
9. Tom Peters, 1969 Sport Coupe: Peters is in charge of design for the Corvette and Camaro, and this is his personal play toy. It packs an all-aluminum 427 Rat and drag radials.
10. Paul Arnone, 1969 Pro Touring: Another GM designer, this one appears quasi stock under the hood, but packs a built 454. It has a full DSE suspension, mini tubs and 335/30/18s out back.

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