Porsche Crashes On Top Of Another Porsche!

Seems like anytime there’s racing, anything can happen. Seriously, anything, like landing directly on top of another car anything. How does that happen? Who knows but it’s actually a pretty awesome sight to see!

In this video, there’s a race involving a ton of different Porsche’s, which is just really awesome to begin with. The Porsche’s are racing normally at first, except when they go around a turn, things get wild! It’s not really clear what exactly happens during this wreck but you suddenly see and hear a small collision with one of the cars. Soon another Porsche turns around the other way, in which a Porsche then literally drives on top of it! Now you’d think that the Porsche on top would just fall over or drive right over it but no. When the Porsche lands on top of the roof of the other Porsche, it literally just stops and balances there!

Now that’s a really crazy wreck! What are the chances these Porsche’s would crash in this exact way causing one car to crash directly on top of the other? What do you think about this wild crash? Have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!