Porsche Crashes Into Car In Parking Garage

Parking garages can be crazy! It’s full of people driving wild and almost causing wrecks. In this video however, we see a Porsche driver who just can’t seem to grasp the basics of parking.

We first see a guy driving in a parking garage and as he’s driving, you see a Porsche parked on the left side of the parking garage. Apparently it seemed the Porsche was wanting to back out, so the driver in this video decided to reverse to let the Porsche back out. What happens next is just unexplainable. The Porsche begins to reverse but instead of slowly backing out, he slams on the gas pedal and SLAMS into the car behind him. The sound alone is just scary!

The guy behind the wheel of the car who is watching this whole thing go down is heard gasping in shock. He’s probably wondering the same thing we are, what happened? Maybe the guy mistook the gas pedal for the brake and that caused him to crash into the car behind him. Maybe he didn’t see the car parked in the space behind him and was trying to park his Porsche in a fast manner. Whatever the case may be, this is wild!