Police Trap Over 100 Reckless Drivers In City Parking Lot

Georgia police have begun cracking down on illegal behavior from drivers. And they had their hands full at the Civic Center. Based off footage from a security camera, cars start going in every direction as police sealed off the exits. Police were interested in that specific location as over the last few months there was suspicion of illegal behavior ranging from burning rubber to drugs. However, when the police would arrive, the cars would scatter.

This time, more than 25 police units were involved in trapping more 113 cars and about 500 people in the parking lot.

The video shows people riding on the tops of cars, or car surfing which qualifies as reckless driving in Georgia.

There were arrests made for driving under the influence, reckless driving and other charges along with thirty citations ranging from no seat belt to driving without headlights.

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