Police Find Wrecked McLaren With No Driver In Nevada Desert

Police in Nevada came across a $300,000 McLaren in the desert. But the catch is, there was nobody around!

Police say that while seatbelts saved the lives of the two passengers in the car, the vehicle’s engineers deserve a lot of the credit. Although there was major impact to the car, at least one of its butterfly-style doors still worked after the accident.

The Nevada Highway Patrol found the totaled McLaren 720 about 70 yards off a road near Lake Mead, with damage suggesting that it rolled at least once as it just missed falling down a ravine.

With the McLaren being one of the quickest cars in the world with 710 horsepower and a top speed of 212 mph, it’s easy to see how it can get out of control with the wrong driver or conditions. It features a carbon fiber passenger cell, similar to a racecar’s, that’s designed to be both lightweight and extremely strong.

According to police, neither the passenger or the driver was seriously injured. They weren’t there when the car was discovered, however. After searching the area, police found out that they had gotten themselves to a nearby hospital to be treated for scrapes and bruises.

The car was apparently taking part in a cross-country exotic car rally.