Police Chase Ends With Fatality After 100 mph, 330-foot Jump Over River

58-year-old David Callahan of Fresno died after jumping the San Joaquin River.

Callahan was fleeing police when his car went airborne over the San Joaquin River. Officers were a mile and a half behind Callahan’s silver Mercedes when they saw a cloud of dust, then pulled up to the river to see the car on the other side.

California Highway Patrol officers aren’t sure if the driver knew the road ended and are trying to find out whether the bold move was intentional or a deadly mistake.

The police chase began after a Fresno Police Officer noticed a driver swerving and driving slow – but refused to pull over. The driver then picked up speed.

However, things changed when officers say the driver slammed on the gas, prompting them to end the chase for safety reasons. Officers then watched in disbelief at the bizarre way the ordeal ended.

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