Pickup Misses Hitting Roadside Trooper By Mere Seconds

Being on the side of the interstate is a risk. Police, first responders and DOT workers put their lives on the line every day whether they’re responding to an accident, writing a citation, or doing road construction.

The Florida Highway Patrol Tweeted out a video that shows exactly why it’s so dangerous on the side of an interstate. Footage from the patrol car dash-cam shows the Trooper getting out and talking to the driver of a Toyota 4Runner. It appears the 4Runner broke down in the most inconvenient of spots – a narrow median between the merge lane and interstate.

About halfway through the video, a Ram pickup comes barreling into the frame. Luckily, the driver slams on the brakes which probably is what saved the Trooper’s life. He was able to hear the truck and just barely jump out of the way.

While the owner of the 4Runner sustained some minor injuries, it’s amazing both they and the Trooper were able to walk away after seeing the speed of the Ram.

FHP is currently looking for the driver of the Ram as they sped off after running into the 4Runner, not even bothering to check on the driver or Trooper they almost killed. Incidents like this are the reason drivers need to move over when possible and give roadside vehicle and people extra space.

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