People Are Now Riding Drones And It Looks AWESOME!

Ever since drones were released for the consumer market, they’ve been really popular. Drones are used for a variety of reasons and lately people are actually trying to turn drone racing into a legitimate sport. Well now drones have taken an even further leap and people are actually riding on top of them! Yes, riding on top of them like some kind of futuristic aircraft like something you’d see in a sci-fi movie.

What’s cool about this is that it not only looks fun but it could also be used for practical purposes such as emergency workers trying to get on the scene where a helicopter can’t physically get to. As you can tell from the video, it still looks like it’s in the early stages of development but regardless, it still looks really awesome! So now we have people riding on drones and jet packs also being developed. It seems as though the future we were so used to seeing in sci-fi movies is actually coming true as each day passes. What do you think about the idea of riding on a drone as some kind of aircraft device? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!