Parents Let Kid Climb GT500 Like A Jungle Gym

Another case of parents not watching their kids around new, expensive vehicles. Just a few weeks ago, parents were fined over $10,000 for the damage their daughter caused by scratching up 10 new Audis on a dealership show floor. The parents, in this case, haven’t been fined financially for their kid’s actions but now have a video going around of their uncontrolled son making gearheads everywhere cringe.

This time, it seems a young boy has escaped his parent’s attention at a car show or auction or something. However, this kid didn’t just go grab a soda and walk around looking at the cars. He decided that he like the new 2020 GT500 so much that he would climb all over it. Who doesn’t like their own personal, five-figure jungle gym?

So naturally, people who were witnessing this started rolling their phones on video. We only wish the clip was longer to see what happened. We’re assuming either the parents were alerted to what was going on or someone took it upon themselves to tell this kid the car isn’t a toy.

While the damage done by this kid was probably pretty minimal, it’s still the principle of the whole thing. If parents are going to bring their kids to automotive events, and by all means, start ’em young, they should teach them to look only or at the very least keep an eye on their offspring.

So whether this car belongs to a local dealership or Ford, they may want to check the front splitter before listing it.

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