Owner Tracks Down Mechanic Who Took His Limited-Edition Camaro On A Joyride

If you owned one of the 300 Chevrolet Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Camaros and found out that some mechanic took it for a joyride, how mad would you be? Well, that’s the situation this couple in California found themselves in and they were just as upset as you would imagine.

Jalopnik reports that the couple dropped off their special-edition ride at a dealership for an oil change and air conditioner work and then when they were at lunch, found their car cruising along the road later. Of course, they followed the car and when they confirmed it was theirs and caught up with the driver they had some thoughts for him. The conversation was captured in video where the employee insisted that he was just “taking it for a test drive”. When the couple brought it up to the dealership owner, he didn’t dispute it instead he went public on Facebook saying: “This is something that’s embarrassing. This is something we do not condone. I apologize this took place and it will never happen again.” The owner offered money to compensate for the episode, but the couple declined. What would you have done?

This week on PowerNation Katie welcomes Rodney Beasley, owner of Designer Street Rods and two of his builds. First is a 1937 Ford truck owned by Bill Bowen. In a 4 year build, Rodney’s team did a lot of rust repair, built a custom chassis, dropped in a 392 Ford Stroker making 430 horsepower and gave the pickup a very classy Oak wood bed floor. They sprayed it with a custom PPG metallic almost Green color with a custom leather interior by Paul Atkins.

The second is a 1957 Chevy Bel Air owned by his father Ray. Again the team did some rust repair, dropped in 350 LT-1 making 425 horsepower and gave it a cool paint treatment. It looks like Black, but it’s Valspar’s “Deep Blue Black”. It too has a custom leather interior by Paul Atkins. Lots to take in this weekend including some great hands-on tech from our shops. See you this weekend PowerNation!