Oversize Load Swaying A Little Too Much On The Interstate

Anytime you see an “oversize load” truck on the interstate, you know they’re carrying something super heavy. Sometimes these trucks are carrying something so large that it’s actually pretty scary to be behind them. In the unlikely event that whatever load they are carrying falls off or the truck tips over, this could result in a catastrophic disaster.

This video is pretty spooky because the crane this truck is carrying is literally swaying back and fourth while being transported down the interstate. It’s unknown if the wind was just super strong at the time of this video or if the swaying was just due to extreme weight. As you can see, a van trying to pass on the left side of the truck begins to slow down at some point because the driver is clearly cautious of this swaying crane. The car with the dash cam eventually passes alongside the truck and veers so far over on the left side, you can hear the car driving over the side ridges underneath.

Who wouldn’t be cautious around this thing though? It looks sketchy and like it could tip over at any given moment! Crazy stuff!! What do you think about this?