One Of The World’s Most Extensive, Historic Corvette Collections Is Going To Auction

Thirty years ago, TV channel VH1 raffled off these 36 Corvettes and now they’re being auctioned off again for charity. The VH1 collection, also known as the Peter Max collection, is made up of 36 Chevrolet Corvettes from the first 36 years of production – one for each year. It came to be when VH1 launched a sweepstakes, raffling the vehicles away. The cars were given to a Long Island resident, Dennis Amodeo who then sold them to pop artist Peter Max. Max split the collection among multiple New York parking garages and didn’t end up driving or touching the vehicles for decades.

Max ended up selling the collection in 2014 to the Heller family. They had it appraised by a Corvette expert who found that aside from a few cars none of the Corvettes were worth much. So the Hellers decided a raffle was the best way to go about getting rid of 36 vehicles. The Hellers formed Corvette Heroes to oversee the raffle and proceeds will go to multiple veteran-focused charities and the National Guard Educational Foundation.

You can currently enter raffle until April 30, 2020 free of charge via snail mail. Up to 36 winners will be picked on May 15, 2020.

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