One Cool 427 Comet Caliente Barn Find

Barn finds always lead to an interesting experience. You have the potential to uncover a really cool car but the fact that nobody knew it existed before you found it means that you could also be uncovering lots of history. You never really know what a machine has been through and the potential of uncovering something cool is always a win for gearheads.

We’ve seen a lot of barn find videos but this time, the car found is an incredibly rare set of wheels on a Comet Caliente fitted with a 427 under the hood. Usually, with older cars like this, it’s fun to get your hands on them and see what kind of options they’re equipped with. In some situations, certain option combinations can be very rare if not the only one of their kind. Can you imagine stumbling upon a car that’s the only one like it ever made and you just stumbled upon it tucked away in a barn away from the world?

As far as we know this Comet isn’t exactly a one of one car but according to the YouTuber that uploaded the find, the combination is pretty rare. And on top of that, the more info dug up on the car makes it more exciting as layer after layer is peeled off of the surface. It allows us to know just a little bit more about the car behind the closed doors all these years. While the car might not have been in the greatest condition when found, hopefully, the machine gets a chance to live up to its former beauty in the future and an owner that truly appreciates it.