One Awesome Vintage Cummins-Powered Ford

If you’re a high-quality boutique automobiles fan, chances are that you’ve heard of Icon 4×4. And if you haven’t it’s a small firm based in southern California that was founded by mad genius and occasional R&T contributor Jonathan Ward. Ward has created some pretty wild resto-modded trucks in the past that we like, but this may just be our new favorite. Definitely in the top 5.

This truck was commissioned at a client’s request. It entered Ward’s shop as an unusually clean 1965 Ford crew cab pickup truck. A lot of Ward’s donor vehicles are rust free and ready to be restored and this one was no exception.

Instead of going the route that upgrades the original chassis and drivetrain, his team swapped out the old undercarriage for an entire undercarriage from a 2006 Dodge 3500 Mega Cab. They wanted to take advantage of the modern truck’s power and comfort.

They also modified the Dodge frame to fit snugly under the body, updated every small exterior and interior detail piece as only Icon does. The 5.9-liter Cummins straight six now makes around 700 lb.-ft. of torque, which is obviously a huge upgrade over the stock Ford’s output.

Those are just the major changes, though we didn’t have time to write it all out for you. But luckily, Ward put together an extensive 25-minute video going over the entire build, down to the very last trim piece so you can watch for yourself.