NYC To Close 40 Miles Of Streets For Recreation Amid Social Distancing

It’s been announced that New York City will close at least 40 miles of streets to car traffic in order to create more outdoor spaces for New Yorkers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has said it will begin with streets in and around parks, with a goal of 100 miles as the weather gets warmer and people can be outside more. The plan is to close some streets completely while others will have expanded sidewalks.

This is the city’s second attempt to open up major streets. Earlier this month, the city abandoned an 11-day pilot program to open up several dozen blocks to pedestrians.

If 40 miles sounds like a lot, it’s actually not. There are 6,000 miles of streets in New York City. The city isn’t the first to implement this plan. Oakland, California announced plans to open up 74 miles of streets to pedestrians earlier this month.

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