Not Your Typical Off Road Event

If you’re looking for something a little different, check this out. We’ve seen these types of races before but this is the most recent!

Busted Knuckle Off Road Park in Stevenson, Alabama is the spot to be if you want the ultimate extreme experience! This year they held the Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing 2017.Basically, it’s guys taking crazy barbie jeeps downhill for a chance to win $600 in cash and prizes.

According to the original video description, they have 10 competitors ready to take on the downhill course. Of course, crashes can and will happen – otherwise why watch? There’s not much better entertainment than watching a full grown man sitting in a plastic toy designed for a kid wearing just regular clothes and a bike helmet. Amazing what people will do for a cash prize, right? We’re not unhappy though, this is one of our favorite events to watch!

If it has a battery, you can bet these guys are going to ride it down this trail. Heck, even the videographer from Busted Knuckle takes his shot on his John Deere Gator mini-me! Have you ever been to a race or event like this? Or have your own version of ridiculous racing? We want to see it!

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