Nissan’s New Seat Technology Will Tell You If You’re Dehydrated

It’s one of the worst feelings to get in your car on a hot summer day and feel the sweat in the seat of your car. But Nissan wants to take it farther and make your seats and steering wheel change colors based on your sweat. The thought is with the new technology, your car could tell you whether or not you’re dehydrated, so you can drink more water and continue driving fully alert, according to The Drive.

A Nissan designer created the Nissan Juke SOAK, which is an acronym for “sweat sensitive textile coating.” Basically, the seats have sweat-sensitive material that lets you know your hydration levels by changing colors. Nissan claims that dehydrated driving effects reaction time and overall alertness so much that it can be as bad as driving under the influence. The data comes from a study done in London in 2015. The claim is that if your car prompts you to drink more water while driving, it makes you a safer driver. We’ll see if this technology ever makes it to production. What do you think?

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