Nissan’s Custom Predzilla

Hockey fans rejoice! Well unless you’re a Pittsburgh fan. Nissan has created a custom GT-R called the “Predzilla”, according to Motor1. It’s covered in the Nashville Predators official colors and graphics and it looks awesome! It’ll be auctioned off after the Stanley Cup Playoffs with the proceeds from the sale going to the Predators Foundation charity. At this very moment, the bid stands at $100,000 with 24 bids so far. Bidding takes place on and the winner will not only receive the keys to this one of a kind GT-R but also 2017-18 season tickets along with a parking pass for the Sixth Avenue Garage. And with PowerNation in the heart of Preds-land we hope to see them take home the cup…and someone else will get to take Predzilla back to their garage.

This Sunday starting at 9am on Spike Marc and Tommy plug a monster bowtie powerplant into the newly painted Chevelle Project, and the thousand plus horsepower “Highwayman” Mercury finally gets a chance to stretch her legs.

Then on PowerNation Katie’s guest is Dan Muldowney, the co-founder of Race-Gas, a product you’ve seen used a lot on Engine Power. Dan is an avid racer and he’ll talk about why and how they created Race-Gas to solve problems he experienced at the track. He’ll also hint at some new products coming down the pike. So make sure you tune in.