NFL Player Still Drives 26-Year Old Car Bought For $2

Dallas Cowboys running back Alfred Morris drives a $2 car from CNBC.

Despite now making millions of dollars as the Dallas Cowboys running back, Alfred Morris doesn’t live the way you would imagine. His spending habits are a bit more mellow than you might think. In fact, he still is driving a 26-year-old Mazda 626 sedan from 1991. And get this, he bought the car for $2. That’s a heck of a price, no matter if you’re the rich and famous or a regular Joe.

Some backstory on this amazing deal and car of his. According to CNBC, Morris purchased the vehicle and, like a lot of us refers to his ride by name. He calls it “Bentley,”. He purchased the car from his pastor for the $2 price tag during his junior year of college. Despite signing a two-year contract with the Cowboys that is worth $5.5 million plus a hefty $1 million signing bonus, Morris has kept the car and instead just given it a few upgrades to make sure he can get back and forth to practice. Back in 2013, Mazda offered to touch up the car for Morris and so they gutted the sedan and also installed a new engine and interior. With the revamp, Morris claims he’ll drive it until it dies!

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