News Footage Shows Pothole Victimizing 19 Cars In Just A Few Minutes

How bad does a pothole have to be before the city will come out and fix it? Apparently pretty bad if you live in Warren, Michigan. Local news Channel 4 went to the scene of a massive pothole that sprung up in the city and while their crew was out there alone, 19 cars were victims of flat tires! 19 cars and 22 tires in total!

Obviously, cities can’t keep up with all the potholes throughout town but one of this size? It should definitely warrant some attention. Luckily there were some concerned citizens around who were nice enough to warn drivers. One man stayed out in the rain with flares around the hole. But those only last so long. Then finally another guy thought to drag over a construction barrel and place it in front of the pothole so hopefully no more (or less) drivers have the same fate.

People have apparently called police and the city to complain but nothing’s been done about it. Maybe after this segment it’ll get the attention it deserves. The only people lucking out from this situation is local tire shops and dealerships…Have you seen this infamous pothole? Or have one that rivals it near you? Post pictures in the comments!