New York City Will Pay You For Reporting Parking Violations

Aerial view of New York downtown building roofs. Bird’s eye view from helicopter of cityscape metropolis infrastructure, traffic cars, yellow cabs moving on city streets and crossing district avenues

In a heavily-congested place like New York City, seeing a car or truck parked in a bike lane or on the sidewalk is a daily occurrence. It happens so frequently that many bicyclists and pedestrians are forced to take an unofficial detour into the street, and in some cases, into traffic. Not only do these kinds of illegal parking violations obstruct traffic, it as endangers pedestrians and bicyclists.

According to a report by Bloomberg, a member of the New York City Council in proposing a bill that would allow civilians to report parking violations that would obstruct entrances and exists to schools, sidewalks, and crosswalks with a monetary reward. If passed, New Yorkers who submit evidence of an illegal parking job would receive 25% of a $175 ticket.

“I feel the safety risks every day that are associated with illegal parking,” says City Council member/cyclist Lincoln Restler. “It’s even more problematic for the parent pushing a stroller or a person in a wheelchair who can’t get by on the sidewalk because of illegally parked cars. That’s why we are creating, in this legislation, a new structure to bring real accountability.”

If passed, this law would bear similar resemblence to the Citizens Air Complaint Program, which allows New Yorks to report idling commercial vehicles for the same reward of 25% of the ticket.

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