New World Record Broken By Edible Car

Yes, you read the title right. Edible. In fact, the record was a piece of cake…literally.

Technically, the video features two “cake cars” built by celebrity cake artist Mike Elder and his team of nine other people. The white car was driven by by Michael Andretti himself and was a replica of his 1991 IndyCar National Championship race car. The black car that Elder piloted was modeled after Andretti’s father, Mario’s 1978 Lotus 79 F1.

There were two records to be broken with this feat: fastest edible car as well as the farthest distance traveled by an edible car. The only thing NOT edible on these cars is the aluminum chassis, steering wheel and wheels. And of course, there are no drivetrains in these creations.

The white car was made using a whopping 139 vanilla sheet cakes, and the black car one-upped it with 145 sheet cakes. Both were then loaded up with buttercream frosting and fondant before heading to the event.

The two drivers took the “cars” to the parking garage at ilani for the grand opening event that was showcasing “speed ramps” which provide rapid access to the garage’s upper levels. Andretti’s car topped out at a speed of 17.08 mph, was 91% edible, and weighed in at an astounding 669 pounds.

The longest distance record was also broken when Andretti pushed the vehicle just over 349 feet. Elder was adamant the cake not go to waste after the race, and for good reason – that’s a lot of cake. Share Vancouver, a homeless outreach organization, stepped in to distribute pieces of the car after the event.

So while at the end of the day, the vehicles were probably more cake go-carts, with an Andretti behind the wheel who are we to argue a technicality?

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