New Tesla Update Slows For Red AND Green Lights

Tesla is rolling out a new feature with the latest update of its partially automated driving system designed to spot stop signs and traffic signals. While the upside to the update is that some of its cars will be able to recognize stop signs and traffic lights, those vehicles will also stop at green lights for the time being.

The update of the cruise control and auto-steer systems is a step toward Musk’s vision to convert cars to fully self-driving vehicles later this year.

The new Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control feature displays a standard notice to warn drivers that the software they are about to enable is in beta. It alerts drivers that the car won’t be performing any turns through intersections and could potentially fail to recognize some traffic control devices.

The feature will slow the car whenever it detects a traffic light, no matter if it’s a green, yellow, or red light. It will notify the driver of its intent to slow down and stop, and the driver must push down the gear selector and press the accelerator pedal to confirm that it’s safe to continue.

On the other hand, it also warns drivers they need to be attentive to every aspect “including braking because this feature may not stop for all traffic controls.”

The note says that over time, as the system learns from the fleet on the roads, it “will control more naturally.” Tesla maintains that its vehicles operating on Autopilot are about twice as safe as those in which the system isn’t engaged.

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