Mustang Driver Falls Off 400 Foot Cliff, Pulled Out By ‘Hulk’ Wrecker

Mustang drivers are notorious for crashing into crowds, but what about off cliffs? With roadways more empty than usual during the COVID-19 crisis, drivers have been taking advantage. The driver behind the wheel of this Ford Mustang Boss 302 went a little too far and ended up on the side of the Angeles Crest Highway.

By some stroke of luck, the driver and passenger were airlifted to a nearby hospital. The very next day, the driver returned to the scene with only minor injuries.

Unfortunately, the car was a little worse for the wear. The limited-edition model was totaled after smashing through the trees and shrubs and landing in a hard-to-reach spot.

The California Highway Patrol called a tow company that needed its big-time equipment to retrieve the vehicle. The company used a 50-ton rotator wrecker it calls “Hulk” to reach the car and pull it out.

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