Mustang Driver Falls Asleep At The Wheel – Crashes Through A Fence!

In this video, a Mustang driver apparently suffered from a sudden medical episode in which he passed out but kept accelerating his car. You see in the video the driver driving down the road like any other day, when suddenly he passes out. Now, his Mustang veers off the road and CRASHES through a farm fence, just narrowly missing a telephone post. For some reason, although passed out, the driver still has his foot on the gas pedal as you can tell from the video.

The Mustang drives through a farm field for a short while before turning back towards the fence and crashing through the fence a second time. The Mustang then turns back towards the farm field again and crashes through the fence a THIRD time. It’s around this time the driver begins to wake back up from his medical episode and after the car crashes through the fence, he then takes control of the wheel once again.

We’re not sure what was going through the drivers mind after he woke up but we’re sure it was a really scary experience. What do you think about this insane crash? Let us know in the comments and for more videos, stay tuned on!