Muscle Car Monday: Sydewinder Gets A Graphic

Tommy and Marc have been making good headway on the two ‘80s projects, Street Regal and Sydewinder. Street Regal, the ’85 Buick Regal project is on the back burner for a bit while the guys get the finishing touches done on Sydewinder, the ’81 Mustang Cobra project.

Today, Tommy is in the booth applying a graphic onto Sydewinder’s hood scoop. But this isn’t just a vinyl decal like the one from the factory; this is a reverse of the original that he’s going to use as a stencil so that he can paint the graphic on permanently.

What he’s painting on there, we can’t say just yet. You’ll have to watch the show to see it. Let’s just say it will go perfectly with the existing theme and the patina paint job.

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