Motorcycle Wheelie Gone Wrong..Ouch!

Yet another motorcycle wheelie crash on the interstate somewhere! Too many times motorcyclists perform dangerous stunts on the interstates mainly because it allows them to hit higher than normal speeds. This is never ok and stunts should always be performed on a closed race track or a non-public roadway. When bikers crash doing wheelies and other stunts on public roads, that puts other cars on the roads at risk for a dangerous accident.

Anyways, in this video we see a motorcycle rider riding with a lot of other motorcyclists down the interstate. The guy riding the blue bike is doing all kinds of stand up wheelies and tricks. Everything seems to be going well for him until he gives the bike a lot of acceleration which causes the bike to go vertical, in which the back end drags the ground and sparks go flyin!!

When the biker tries to gain control of the bike, he loses complete control and the bike goes crashing down flipping everywhere and the biker goes crashing down to the ground also. After the bikers stop, the rider appears to be ok but traffic is now held up as these bikers have to make sure the rider gets back on his bike. This definitely was a fail!