More Updates On The Anticipated Dodge Challenger Demon

We haven’t gotten much in the way of details on the Dodge Challenger Demon besides the initial announcement and a leaked video from Vin Diesel. But now we have more to take a look at. Dodge released a third video titled “Body” and according to them, wider is better. The car gets a wide-body kit and drag radial tires that are barely street legal.

“Demon Branded” 18 x 11-inch 315/40R18 Nitto NT05R drag radials have been added to both the front and the rear, which makes it the first ever factory production car that have drag radials standard, according to Motor1. We also know the Demon will be the new ultimate car for the brand, even beating out the Challenger Hellcat. It’s expected to be lighter by about 200 pounds due to new suspension, braking, and interior according to Dodge sources. The car will be officially unveiled at the New York Auto Show in April but until then, stay tuned for more details!