More Than 2,000 Jeep Drivers Surprised a Young Cancer Patient Coming Home for Christmas

It’s easy to look around at the world and forget the good that exists sometimes. At its core, humanity is a beautiful collection of people that would give you the shirt off their backs if they could, and more than two thousand Jeep drivers showed us just that.

If we dig a little, we’re more likely to find uplifting stories rather than negative, despite the latter dominating headlines. With that said, a story emerged that reminded us the kindness that exists within our society. A group of over 2,000 complete strangers drove their Jeeps hundreds of miles from all over the United States to stage a Christmas parade to make a 4-year-old West Virginia boy’s dream come true.

We can’t even fathom the courage required to battle cancer, but we’ve been introduced to the strength of a young boy named Georgie who’s fighting hard right now. His mother knows what he’s up against and pleaded to Facebook for some extra holiday cheer this year. She mentioned that Georgie’s wish was to a see a Jeep parade, but couldn’t believe what happened next.

Little did she know that not only would her plea get noticed by friends, but the entire community had more than some extra holiday cheer up their sleeve. On Wednesday afternoon, after hearing that 100 Jeep participants would show up, more than two thousand Jeeps filled the streets of Martinsburg, West Virginia. The Jeep owners came together for this extraordinary cause with one person in mind – Georgie.

At 4:00 pm outside the James Rumsey Technical Institute, SkyTrak7 of Martinsburg, West Virginia, hovered over the line of Jeeps that stretched for miles as the community came together to honor Georgie, who’s in the fight of his life.

Jenn Garst, one of the participants who drove from Vienna, Virginia, spoke to WUSA9, “If this year has taught me anything it would be that life is precious and the moments we have here are not promised. I would have driven ten hours to make a little boy’s Christmas wish come true.”

According to the “Jeeps For Georgie” event organizers, he’s been battling Stage 4 Neuroblastoma at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Fortunately, his doctors felt he was healthy enough to return home for the holidays.

All of this stems from a plea on Facebook – because of his health, the family spent their Christmas in the hospital with Georgie last year, but since he’s able to come home for the holidays this year, those who heard about the boy felt they needed to get to work for that extra holiday cheer his mother sought.

In the lineup of Jeeps stretching miles, drivers decorated their rides for the holidays, outfitting them for Christmas with bright lights. Those who participated aren’t just from the Hedgesville area either, and we’re told that people from all over the country showed their support for young Georgie.

In a world dominated by negative headlines, it’s always nice to be reminded that the world we live in isn’t so bad after all. If you see this Georgie, and we hope you do, please know that you are in our thoughts. We wish you a speedy recovery.

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