Moped Fail In Key West!

Anytime you go to the beach, you see tourists riding around on mopeds. It’s a really popular thing to rent a moped to drive around on when you’re on vacation. Unfortunately a lot of times you get people who have never driven a moped or motorcycle before, so they have no idea how they work. This leaves a lot of room for possible accidents.

In this video, we first see a moped driver riding around Key West. This is a popular tourist destination and is full of moped drivers. When the guy driving ends up at a stop light, he’s seen stopped behind a Honda Civic. After sitting at the light for a little bit, a lady comes around the corner driving a moped also. Suddenly the lady driving this moped seems to accidentally accelerate the moped too much, which causes her to lose control. She then crashes directly into the guy, knocking both him and his moped over.

The lady keeps apologizing because obviously this was an accident! Thankfully it looked like nobody was injured. This definitely was a fail! Although not as fast as motorcycles, mopeds are still dangerous if you aren’t used to driving them. What do you think about this?