Mercedes Beat Tesla To An Electric Truck

Sorry Tesla, Mercedes has first dibs on an electric truck!

Daimler Trucks is presenting the Mercedes Benz fully electric truck. Although Tesla announced their Master Plan II a couple days ago that revealed their plans for an electric truck and commercial vehicles, Mercedes beat them to the punch. And their truck is already out for testing. The truck has a range of 125 miles and has a total weight of 26 tons. They're calling it the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck and it's a heavy-duty, three-axle big rig.

They took the idea of the electric motors being adjacent to the wheel hub from the Mercedes electric bus we showed you a few days ago. And although this truck is here now, it won't be in production until 2020 whereas Tesla is still pushing for having theirs out nest year. So who will win the electric race?

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