Meet The Mercedes-Benz Carbon Fiber 6×6 Concept – Monster X

This crazy carbon fiber Mercedes-Benz X-Class concept dubbed “Monster X” was drawn up by Carlex Design by their Pickup Design division. It may just be a concept for now, but this design is planned for production according to

The Monster X Concept is an X-Class pickup with a full carbon fiber body, three axles, and six wheels. Unlike offroad vehicles, it is lowered two inches and features two winches, one in the front and one in the back. It has an aggressive style with widebody wheel arches, a hood scoop, front and rear bumpers, a sprayed bright yellow truck bed in contrast to the carbon fiber, and other modifications that give it some serious attitude.

A race track safety vehicle could be its ideal calling for towing wrecked cars off the track. With it’s lowered stance, it won’t be a good fit for the off-road side of things.

Carlex says, “The largest ‘monster’ of the Pickup Design brand has just left the design studio to soon become the king of highways and global tracks.”

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