McLaren Driver Curbs It In Front Of Cars And Coffee Crowd

Cars and Coffee great in the fact that you get to check out other cars and show off your own pride and joy. But the last thing you want to hear at any car event is a crunching sound. Especially if you have a nice ride, like this McLaren driver. At his local Cars and Coffee, he cuts a curb corner a little too tight and you hear the side crunching and scraping the concrete. Makes you cringe a little bit. Bet he’ll check twice next time.

We feature one of the best in chrome this week – Advanced Plating in Nashville, TN. We’ll talk to owner Steve Tracy about the many aspects of their business; from chrome to gold, from cars parts to musical instruments. That’s right, part of the business is plating guitar components, 2.5 million pieces a year!

The 60,000 sq.ft. building is like a giant chemistry experiment with over 160,000 auto parts coming through the doors. Steve will tell us some of the more unusual items they’ve been asked to plate, plus how he and his company survived the 2010 Nashville flood. It’s a great story and maybe Steve will put Gannon to work?