Massive Flash Flood vs Construction Equipment

When it comes to mother nature, it seems like no matter how much preventative measures people take, nature almost always prevails. In certain areas, the risk of flash floods are a common problem, as this can occur at any given moment causing overwhelming and swift damage that can’t be prevented. In other areas, risk of wild fire, tornados and other forms of natural disasters can occur, each requiring individual precautionary measures to prevent damage to vehicles and other property.

In this video, we see a construction site somewhere in Brazil, with a sudden flash flood occurring. It’s a pretty terrifying thing to witness especially since the construction crews were out on the job at the time in the middle of this terrible natural disaster. The workers were forced to abandon their large construction equipment and as you can tell from the video, the flood quickly swallowed the equipment, turning the construction site into basically a lake. This is a very intense thing to see but thankfully it looks as though everyone made it out in time. What do you think about this video? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think about it!