Massive Burnout Using A Thermal Camera!

Burnouts are absolutely amazing and so are thermal cameras! Technology has come a long ways over the past few years and as you can see, a burnout broken down scientifically using a thermal camera is pretty cool stuff!

The thermal camera used is a Flir T1K and it captures what exactly is going on with the tires during a burnout perfectly.

This is a very mesmerizing sight to see because of the extreme amount of heat the tires produce during the burnout. In this video, the tread surface of the tires raises from around 66 degrees fahrenheit to 320 degrees in less than five seconds! That’s crazy! Also due to the extreme temperatures, the tires scatter little pieces of melted rubber literally all over the place, which just makes this more interesting to watch.

The tire pressure was changed from left to right to see if any noticeable differences were detected during and after the burnout, however very little differences were found. The conclusion being that there was so much friction for so long, no significant differences would occur.

After the burnout, the brakes were heated to a staggering temperature of about 600 degrees fahrenheit!

As always, perform burnouts at your own risk as this may damage your car and destroy your tires.