Man Wants Town To Pay For Damage On His Lowered Car After Driving Over Speed Bumps

After spending around $4,000 to lower his car, Christopher Fitzgibbon now wants his town to pay because he lowered his car so much he can no longer drive over local speed bumps.

Fitzgibbon lowered his Volkswagen Passat so it only has four inches of ground clearance which means he can no longer take his usual route to work through his home village in Limerick, Ireland since the village has installed six-inch speed bumps on various roads in town. So Fitzgibbon has had to re-route his commute and told the Daily Mail:

“That’s an extra 30 miles a day, 150 miles a week, 600 miles a month, and 7,000 miles a year – all because of speed bumps that are too high for my car.”

On top of the extra mileage and driving he’s incurring, Fitzgibbon also claims to have around $2,500 worth of damage to his car by driving over the speed bumps and now he wants the village to pay for it. However, the Limerick City Council reported back that the speed bumps are in fact not six inches high but rather about half that height, just under three inches. Fitzgibbon has gone so far as to say he feels “Discriminated” against. No, not even joking:

“I feel discriminated against because I’m driving a modified car – it’s lowered, so it’s four inches off the road – and I’m being denied my right to drive on these roads.”

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