Man Thought He Dreamed His SUV Was Stolen & Crashed While He Was Sleeping In It, Turns Out It Really Happened

This is a wild one! Ever have a dream so real you think it actually happened? Most people have encountered that. But Justin Koerner actually lived what he thought was a bad dream. His SUV was stolen as he slept in the back seat!

Koerner, a musician, was taking a nap in his Ford Escape on Sunday morning after a night of playing when he sensed a person get into the driver’s seat and another sit on his head.

And while the car pulled away, the thieves got out while it was still moving. Still in a daze, he slipped into the front seat to try to stop the SUV but crashed into someone’s property and either fell back asleep or passed out. We’re not making this up.

According to the Delaware New Journal, when he finally woke up, there were people around the vehicle yelling and that’s when he realized that the weird incident actually happened.

Naturally, the police were skeptical of his story at first. He did pass a field sobriety test, but the key to the truth was when an officer retrieved security footage from a nearby home that showed two men get out of a grey Chevy Suburban and into Koerner’s car, then bail out of it while it was still moving, just as he described.

Could you imagine waking up to a scene like this? Or not waking up enough to deal with it while it was happening?

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