Man Takes Cow For Ride In The Backseat Of His Truck

Moooo-ve over. This cow doesn’t ride in trailers, it rides in the truck. JD Blair was on his way home when he had to do a double-take.

As he was driving down the interstate, he saw a cow sticking its head out of the back window of a pick-up truck. JD took out his phone, saying he had to make sure his family saw what he was seeing, “he’s riding shotgun,” he says in the short video clip.

The man in the video driving the truck is Cory Morris. Morris said the cow, “Annie” is a rescue who he’s had since she was a day old. She was rescued after her mother rejected her at birth. She fits right in with his family — he says don’t let the other animals he owns know, but she’s his favorite. The 18-month-old cow now weighs 800 pounds and regularly rides in the backseat.

Morris said he gets questions from people regularly about her riding in the truck, to which he replies, “where else would I put her?” He says he just opens the door and she climbs right in. They regularly go on rides together to McDonald’s where Annie will get an ice cream. Unfortunately, as Annie continues to grow, the number of rides she’ll be able to take are dwindling, simply due to her size. Annie is so popular, she now has a Facebook page called Annie the Highway Cow, which documents her rides around town.

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