Man Survives 10 Hours After Snowplow Buries Him In His Car

The​​​ nor’easter winter storm that blasted the northeast last week left more than 40 inches of snow and left drivers stranded. Not just stranded but buried. A 58-year-old New York man was buried in his car for 10 hours under at least four feet of snow thanks to a snow plow.

Luckily, New York State Police found Kevin Kresen, 58, just off State Route 17C in Owego, NY. A trooper discovered Kresen after he had spent the overnight hours stuck in his Ford Fusion. Kresen had made repeated 911 calls however, authorities struggled to find him.

Kresen ended up buried after his Fusion ran off the slippery road and a plow came by, sweeping mounds of snow over his car. Luckily, Thursday morning Sergeant Jason Cawley saw a row of mailboxes and started digging to confirm the address. When he hit a windshield, he discovered Kresen in the car. Not only was Kresen buried for 10 hours, but his serpentine belt was broken, which means his heat was out too. 

Kresen was taken to Lourdes Hospital for treatment and is expected to recover.

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